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Kooparoona Niara, or Mountain of the Spirits, is a collection of mountain bluffs (also called the Great Western Tiers) that form the northern edge of the Central Highlands plateau in Tasmania. For more than 10,000 years, these mountains were home to the Pallittorre people of the North tribe which were based around Jackeys Marsh, Meander, Mole Creek and the Gog Range, where the women mined and traded ochre. Kooparoona Niara was the meeting place of three Aboriginal nations.

There are moments when my heart soars while walking this land; to see a twisted old moss-covered myrtle reaching to the sky or raging storm clouds above lartitickitheker / Quamby Bluff. And then my heart falls to pieces when I remember some of the dark events that happened at those very places. I'm so sorry for our history and look forward to a better future for this land and all its people.

Through my eyes. One photo a day, 365 days.

*All photos by Jade Hallam, nature and documentary photographer, Deloraine Tasmania.

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