I am a nature and documentary photographer, based in Kooparoona Niara / Great Western Tiers in Tasmania, Australia — but I'll take any opportunity to travel!

When I'm not taking photos, and sometimes when I am, you'll find me volunteering at the local Gazette, exploring the mountains and streams around home, or spending time with my partner and two kids.


My work focuses on using light, shadow and composition to capture a moment in time. I like honest, candid photography that reveals natural expressions, reactions and emotions. My work is not that of the posed portrait photographer, I prefer to capture people as they are, being themselves and more often than not looking away from the camera. I love real!

When not photographing people, I like to examine the small things in nature, it's amazing what you find when you look!

Work with Me

Have an upcoming event or wedding? Require imagery for your website, article or review? I'd love to chat with you! 

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, or for more information.

Jade’s work has been published in the Meander Valley Gazette, Friends of the Great Western Tiers (FOGWT) and Tasmanian Living magazine.

Jade Hallam
Deloraine | Tasmania | Australia

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