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  1. Deloraine Photographer | Composition Project | Balance

    Date 06 Sep 2018
    Hello again and welcome to the second instalment of our composition blog. This month we looked at balance and how it is achieved in a photo.  Balance determines whether a photo is pleasing and harmonious or uncomfortable and unresolved. It can be achieved by placing points of interest evenly across…

  2. Jade Hallam Photography | Album Art

    Date 15 Aug 2018
    My photograph of pinmatik / Rock Cape twilight has been used for Gareth Koch and Peter Bonner’s latest EP ‘Don’t Tempt Me’. This will soon be available online. I think it’s beautifully minimal, and how wonderful for a Tasmanian duo to be using an image of Tasmania for their album…

  3. Deloraine Photographer | Composition Project | Geometry

    Date 29 Jul 2018
    My friend and fellow photographer Megs and I decided to practice our skills in composition by following the exercises in Roberto Valenzuela’s book Picture Perfect Practice. The first chapter of the book looks at geometry and it’s usefulness in composing a photograph. Our eyes are attracted to geometric shapes from…

  4. Documentary Family Photography | Milkshake

    Date 27 Jul 2018
    Nothing like an end of week milkshake making session Break up the banana. Get the milk out. Add yoghurt. Gotta lick the spoon. This is heavy mum! Pour. Put the lid on… Turn it on. Is it done now mum? Nah, give it a bit more. Done, let’s pour. Whoops!…

  5. What is Documentary Photography?

    Date 20 Jul 2018
    Documentary photography is capturing real life ‘as it happens naturally’… …in the natural environment. Documentary photography enables me to capture people’s character… …who they are. To capture details… …and set the scene. Not every photo needs to show a person’s face. Facing away from camera, hands and body are important too, as long as they help tell the story. …

  6. Documentary Family Photography | Kin

    Date 14 Jun 2018
    My collection of photos (some documentary, some natural portraits) taken during various family outings. Love those real moments!  These will be going in our next family album. Hobart | A short trip down South for a couple of jobs.  Larapuna / Bay of Fires with friend and photographer Meghann Loft …

  7. Documentary Photography | Remember the Wilderness

    Date 31 May 2018
    ‘takayna / Tarkine remains today a rare gem of natural intactness in a world where the destruction of wild nature is rampant and accelerating. It should also be one of the easiest in the world to protect. Comprising just seven percent of Tasmania, the Tarkine contains the nation’s largest temperate

  8. Documentary Family Photography | Fruit Pie!

    Date 16 Apr 2018
    The kids and I went to a dear friend’s place to make fruit pie and I documented it. It’s the simple things :) Back to Blog

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