Hasselblad 500 c/m | First Impressions

I love this camera!

Shooting with it is such a joy. The waist level finder is lovely and bright and has a 3D quality which shows depth really well. I also think I’m a little in love with the square format, it simplifies the composition. Here is the baby with my photo books.


The camera came from Japan through ebay with the standard Zeiss 80mm f2.8 lens which is equivalent to 50mm on 35mm cameras. Let me tell you this lens is sharp edge to edge. Didn’t take me long to get used to the reversed image on the finding screen either.

Hasselblad pointed at the small mountain of washing I now have to put out.

Hasselblad pointed at the small mountain of washing I now have to put out.

Only thing is when I got my scans back from Ikigai Camera, there was noticeable flaring, as you can see in some of the photos below. Portra 800, rated at 400.

The leaks are on the left which I’m told is light that has entered via the dark slide slot, reflected off the other side of the film back and onto the film (remember the photo is reversed). I’m hoping this is what it is because a fix is relatively cheap and simple to do. After doing a bit of research, I found some new light trap seals on ebay for $30 and will attempt to replace them myself, or my partner Nate will ;).

Here is some Tri-X 400 taken before I knew about the light leak…

In the meantime I have taken the dark slide out and stuck some black electrical tape over the slot to see if that makes a difference while I wait for the new seals to come in the post. I have a roll of Ektar 100 ready to test out…