365 | April

Kooparoona Niara / Great Western Tiers.

One photo a day.

Am into my second month of my 365 day project. Instead of using prompts this month I thought I’d try something a bit different. The overall theme for April will be my home Kooparoona Niara / Great Western Tiers and each day I’ll post a photo from this area. 

Kooparoona Niara is the Aboriginal name given to the Great Western Tiers and means Mountain of the Spirits. It is a significant site in Tasmanian Aboriginal culture.

Tasmanian Native Timbers | Wood-Mizer

Earlier in the week I made a visit to Rob and Nelson from Tasmanian Native Timbers in Elizabeth Town. I was there documenting the integration of the portable sawmill, the Wood-Mizer LT15 Wide into their business. Wood-Mizer is a sawmill and wood processing equipment manufacturer headquartered in the USA. The main advantage of the LT15 Wide is that it has a thin kerf blade which saves on wood waste, very important when milling quality wood such as Huon Pine.

Tasmanian Native Timbers is a boutique family-owned sawmill and timber supply business that supplies the highest quality furniture timber, craft timber and Tasmanian tone woods.  Timbers milled include Blackheart Sassafras, Blackwood, Celery Top Pine, Silver Wattle, Huon Pine, Myrtle, Cypress Macrocarpa and Tas Oak.

Rob and Nelson are committed to the preservation and promotion of Tasmania’s unique environment and obtain saw logs and craft logs from private landholders, plantation owners and Forestry Tas. This allows them to mill logs that would otherwise be bypassed, destroyed, turned into pulp or used for firewood. They assess each saw log individually, to maximise the amount of quality sawn timber recovered from each saw log.  The remaining timber left over from the milling process is turned into various high-value craft pieces.

Emily Sanzaro | Tasmanian Harpist

Spent a fun afternoon photographing my cousin Emily Sanzaro Tasmanian Harpist last Friday. It was one of the most relaxing and inspiring sessions I’ve done; shooting to a background of beautiful harp music.

Emily has an extensive repertoire on both the harp and the violin.  She plays a diverse range from classical, celtic, folk, traditional, jazz and blues through to contemporary music and improvisation. Emily enjoys performing and the harp lends itself to this with its dramatic appearance and magical sound.  She is available for weddings, private functions, events, concerts, festivals and just about anything in between.

If you would like to find out more information about Emily and her services go to sanzaro.com or you can find her on Facebook.  

Tasmanian Circus Festival | 2018

Swan Bay | 19th - 21st January

Set in Swan Bay overlooking the iconic Tamar River just 20 minutes north of Launceston, the festival showcases some of the best independent contemporary circus performances featuring circus artists from all corners of the globe, as well as local and national talents.

There are three performance venues, including a secret big top for the creatures of the night, hidden deep within the bush, and a natural amphitheatre with a stunning view over the Tamar river. 

The festival weekend is a family friendly, 3 day camping event. Performances include aerials, manipulation, dance, acrobatics, comedy and music. 

Go to Tasmanian Circus Festival for more info about this fantastic event.

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